“I am a very busy mom who loves sports. I am so busy that I can’t be part of any sport team but doing the Fitness Nation bootcamps are like being part of a big team! I am a very social person who wanted to train hard while having fun at the same time! I heard about them while looking into bootcamp classes on Groupon. Once I saw their deal I checked them out on their website & thought it seemed like a great place. I have been doing the bootcamp classes for a few weeks now and love it! They offer bootcamp classes during lunchtime which I thought was very convenient for busy working parents. It is rare to find bootcamp classes at this time of the day. It’s perfect to boost our day and allow us to be present for our kids right after work. Each trainer is excellent. They are very friendly, knowledeable and are great motivators. I feel like each trainer has their own expertise and that makes each class different and exciting.”


“I’m 28 years old and I love sports, travel, music, and technology. I heard about Fitness Nation through my co-workers as we work very close by and were excited about the opportunity for lunch time workouts at noon during the week. I first signed up for a trial workout and was immediately hooked. I’ve been coming to Fitness Nation now for almost 2.5 years and remember the noon workouts when there was typically only 2 or 3 people attending. It’s been very exciting to see how quickly the gym has grown as its now very typical for 20+ people to attend a class, making the workout much more exciting and motivating. Fitness Nation has been the right gym for me for a number of reasons. The location and time of the workout fit perfectly into my schedule and allow me to leave work during my lunch break, exercise, and return motivated and energized for the remainder of the day. The instructors each have a very distinct style of workout that pushes me to my limits (more than I would on my own) and is constantly changing keeping me interested and engaged. Fitness Nation has become a community of individuals all with similar fitness goals who get to know each other and support each other throughout the workout. They play great music.”


“I am an executive assistant, married for 27 years, have two daughters living at home and have a very busy family and social life. I did a search of all bootcamp type fitness centers in Mississauga and found Fitness Nation to be the best gym at the most affordable pricing. I joined through Groupon, loved their bootcamp experience and made the commitment of joining with a one year membership. I have been attending Fitness Nation for nine months. I have attended other bootcamps and Fitness Nation stands out. I like the diversity of their classes and can decide if you want to attend a bootcamp, boxing class or strength/conditioning class. I also enjoy the fact that there are a group of leaders for the classes so you can enjoy a different perspective of fitness routines so the classes always remain fresh and challenging. I love all the trainers and I also like the people who attend this gym since all are very friendly and inclusive and there is a broad range of ages from early 20’s to 50’s. I have tried many forms of fitness and the most effective at managing my weight and fitness level in a condensed time frame are the bootcamp classes. I prefer exercising in a group of people rather than personal training setting because of the camaraderie and encouragement of fellow bootcampers. My fitness experience has been extremely positive at Fitness Nation and I hope to continue my exercise regime here as long as possible!”


Anna writes… “I am a 46 year old female mother of 2 teenagers, 16 and 18. I have been with my husband since grade 9 and we have been married for 24 years. I work full time as a registered nurse. I was someone who worked out religiously but in 2013 I had surgery and had to stop. Well the 3 months turned into 6, then into a year plus of not working out. I was feeling BLAH, my clothes were not fitting right. I had to do something. I got lazy. Thank God I came across the Groupon for Fitness NATION.Not only is my husband Yuri my partner at home, I also got him out to the NATION and he is my partner for the classes. I heard about Fitness NATION through a Groupon promo and since it was close to us we both decided to try it out. We signed up for three months in October and it was the best decision we made. After our group on expired, since we both loved it so much we became members. My husband was never into exercise but his cholesterol was high and his doctor told him to loose weight, exercise or he would need to start taking medication. In the first three months of joining, he lost weight and his cholesterol came down. I myself as well feel much better, feel stronger. There are times I do not have the energy to go, and Yuri pushes me along. Fitness NATION is not like a regular gym. It may sound cliche, but it is like an extended family. All the trainers have such positive attitudes and push you along. They also focus on the members. If you have an injury they will tailor the workout to you. They come up to people in the class and fix their form or encourage them on. We laugh, and we also work hard. No one is over looked, and although at times the classes are large the trainers make the effort to come up to the people in the class.We love it here. We try to come 5-6 times a week. Minimum 5.”


Ashfaq writes… “I am 38 years old with a desk job (Hitting the keyboard is the only workout I get at work). Love to eat buffets and anything in dessert.”How did you hear about fitness NATION? “Last year I was given a Groupon voucher as a gift. On October 2015 I’ll finish one year @ FN.”Why Fitness NATION? “in sequence : #1 Great Trainers – Always see trainers happy and smiling, that helps me forget work stress and come more often #2 Awesome members – Friendly and easy going members. #3 Love the option of three classes in a day #4 Love varieties/variation in each class….my favourite is Wednesday Boxing (with the Silent Killer [A,K.A. Roger])


Here’s a man of few words, but when those words include “awesome”, “great” and “so much more strength”, it’s OK. With just a few weeks of Fitness Nation’s unique bootcamps, this guy says he’s already seeing an improvement in his soccer games. In fact, many FN members play sports and use their workouts to improve their game. Want to improve your whole team’s performance? Tell your sports team buddies to check us out too.


When Maddie spoke to us she had been working out at Fitness Nation for almost 9 months and was “still seeing results every day”. One thing that she, and many other FN members like, is that “It’s different every week. It keeps the body guessing.” It also keeps the fun and the enthusiasm going strong week after week. And you can tell in her voice she’s having fun too.


Morgan was one of Fitness Nation’s first mini interviewees. Besides having fun and enjoying her workouts she has been rewarded with a weight loss of 8 pounds in only two months. Like other members she recognizes that “it’s a lot of hard work” but says that it is worth it because “it feels so good”. What more could you ask for!