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Partner/Instructor/Personal trainer
Arbitrary Facts
  • Legend has it that Roger was the original inspiration for Plyometric training (this guy can practically float!)
  • His first love is football. Or is it weight training? Maybe it’s Boxing?!
  • Clients call him the “Silent Killer”
  • Can catch a chicken (if you think it’s easy, you try it!)
  • Absolutely, positively lovin’ his new Baby boy

If there were ever someone born as Mr. Fitness, you are looking at him. Roger has been an evangelist of fitness since he was wheeled out of labor and delivery. It’s no surprise that he has scored a goal, hit a grand slam, done a touch down dance in the end zone and attempted more than one TKO. And, that was all before he played football at the University of Toronto for five years. Being the all-consuming athlete that he is, adding Taekwondo to his been-there-done-that resume of organized sports comes as no surprise. His desire for others to experience athletic success has led him into the coaching arena of one of his first loves – football -and now boxing and personal fitness training too.

With a deep-seated belief that fitness is not something that you try on or do sometimes, Roger lives his life by the code of “fitness is a lifestyle.” He has felt the thrill of victory and experienced the humility of defeat, but one thing has never changed through it all and that is the way that he embraces a strong work ethic. He will tell you that getting in shape is simple, but not easy. And that the greatest of all satisfaction comes from passing on all of his lessons.

Along with all those sports he plays and coaches, he is also a Canfitpro Certified Personal Training Specialist, Certified IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist, Certified Twist Sport Conditioning Trainer, as well as a Certified Lebert Fitness “Master” Trainer.

Roger Makhlouf  is also available for private training at $80/hour on a limited basis. Please contact Roger at 905-624-2348 or to schedule.