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Personal Training and Small Group Training


Personal Training might be just what you need to reach your fitness goals. It’s an investment, but one that’s well worth making.

What will you get out of Personal Training at the Nation

  • A thorough understanding of your background and goals: our Coaches get to know each and every intricate detail of your fitness background and goals – from the physical to the emotional
  • A personalized program: we then develop a program designed just for you, to help you achieve those goals – one that doesn’t waste a minute of your precious time.
  • Improved technique: A little tweak here and there goes a long way in making your workouts more effective and giving you the confidence to work harder in class. One hour of training with any of our Coaches is equivalent to the instruction you’ll get in 10 group classes
  • Monitoring of your results: no program would be complete without checking in against how it’s delivering on your goals. Your coach routinely ensures this is happening.

How does our deal work?

  • Sign-up for one Personal Training session at a cost of $90 @ hour
  • Stick with it for a minimum of 3 months and your Nation membership is FREE ($345.00 value)
  • Mix and choose from our wicked roster of Coaches

The fine print

  • Training sessions expire after 3 months (unless pre-negotiated)
  • This offer does not apply to single sessions
  • This offer can apply to 2 on 1 session (2 sessions per week required in this case)
  • No refunds

Let’s get you fit faster! Contact us now.