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Charlotte Barker

GM / Instructor / Personal Trainer

Instructor/ LEBERT Fitness EQYoga Girl

#passion #fitnessaddict #embracehappy #yogashenanigans are the best hashtags to describe me!

Enthusiastic and Passionate might be an understatement.  Having always been a fitness fanatic, Char decided to exit the corporate world 15 years ago and let her passion for all things fitness, fuel her in this industry.  The gym is certainly her “happy place”.  As a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Yoga instructor Char currently instructs members in high energy group classes and privately trains clients.  Char loves to work with all populations from student athletes to the elderly (whom she teaches yoga to weekly) and everyone in between.  She instructs Equalizer Yoga classes and is the LEBERT Equalizer Yoga/Stretch Girl, and content developer, trainer and presenter. Working now on the administrative side of the Fitness Industry with Fitness NATION, is yet one more aspect to affect change in the fitness world.  Creating a welcoming and FUN environment for members is of the utmost importance where intimidation and feeling judged is unwelcome.   “I want to make fitness and wellness available to those who might not fit the industry “norm”.  The “forgotten” fitness participants who have in the past shyed away, dreading the gym experience.  I want each and every person I interact with to feel the positive energy and vitality both in body and mind that comes with the connections made with this lifestyle! “Let Passion be your fuel. Stay current. Keep learning.  Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Be Happy.”