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Membership Service Team

Everywhere Amy goes, she is always looking for her next active adventure. Some of her favorites include conquering the treek up the Cerro Chato Volcano in Costa Rica and rappelling into the bat caves in Thailand.

From yoga, running and bouldering to kayaking, snowboarding and rock climbing. Being active in any season is a must!

“Our Fitness Nation boot camps always motivate me to keep going and push myself harder. Weekly classes are allowing me continue to gain strength and stamina so I’m always ready for my next challenge. I believe in working for a company that I’m proud of. I love the community we have at the Nation and enjoy being a part of the team.”

She believes moving your body and getting the energy flowing works wonders for a positive mind and healthy body. Her future goals include her first 10k run this fall and taking fitness leadership class training next year.

“I love to help people get excited and started on their fitness goals. I’m available at Membership Services to happily answer any questions you may have.”